Chocolate flakes. De Ruijter Chocolate Flakes Pure 300g. With De Ruijter you can enjoy a wide range of tasty products every day. Chocolate Flakes Milk and Pure Chocolate Sprinkles Milk and Pure Fruits Anise Hail Hail Vlokfeest Mashed Anise Rose and White Blue and White Sprinkles Sprinkles UTZ Certified cocoa – Through the purchase of UTZ Certified cocoa, De Ruijter supports sustainable cocoa cultivation. chocolate flakes of De Ruijter existed since 1955! 60 years flakes Did you know that De Ruijter took first flakes on the market and two years later only chocolate sprinkles? Over the years we have had several flavors go. For example came in 1980 variant Toffee-party market and variant Banana Festival in 1995. The most recent launch of the Royale flakes: rich in cocoa and twice as thick.


Content and weight

300 Grams. 20 portion (s).


Ingredients: Sugar, skimmed cocoa, cocoa butter, dextrose, emulsifier (soy lecithin), flavor, at least 32% cacaobestanddelen._x000D_ _x000D_ May contain traces of milk.


Allergy information

  • Contains soy.

DeRuijter Chocolate Flakes - Puur - 300g


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