Mashed candied anise seeds. De Ruijter Mashed Anise 230g. Festive tradition since 1860. For over a half century Koninklijke De Ruijter your bread seducer Netherlands. A piece of history that we are proud of. 1860 C.R. de Ruijter opened a pastry shop in Baarn and started the production and sale of birth mice. 1883 Appointed purveyor by Prince William. Some older ladies brought De Ruijter quickly the idea to the mice, they found too hard for their teeth to grind in a mortar. 1985 P. De Ruijter & Zn. received the designation ‘Royal’. 2003 The birth of Princess Amalia is celebrated with Orange Sprinkles. 2010 De Ruijter exists 150 years. Learn more? Look at With Ruijter you can enjoy a wide range of tasty products every day. Chocolate Flakes Milk and Pure Chocolate Sprinkles Milk and Pure Fruits Anise Hail Hail Vlokfeest Mashed Anise Rose and White Blue and White Sprinkles Sprinkles.


Content and weight

230 Grams. 38 portion (s).


Ingredients: Sugar, anise seed, wheat starch, glucose syrup, glazing agent (carnauba wax), dye (carmine).


Allergy information

Contains wheat.

DeRuijter Anise Sprinkles - Pink & White 280g


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